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 Vignobles Michel Coudroy

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I began my career in the restaurant industry as a line cook at the Holiday Inn in Annapolis, Maryland. During my high school years, I attended cooking school and worked my way up the ranks. For the past decade, I have been fascinated by wine and spirits, which led me to work as a salesperson for Total Wine. To my surprise, the training and education I received were very detailed, covering brands, wineries, production, tastings, and the history of wineries worldwide.

I was fortunate enough to be hired by Di Arie Winery, where I worked for over a year and a half. During my time there, I gained valuable insight into the different aspects of wine production and the hard work that goes on behind the scenes. The relationships I built with the winery staff have enabled me to taste new wines before they hit the market and even work during harvest and crush time.

Staying involved with the wineries I represent is crucial to sharing their amazing stories with others.

I regularly travel around the US and the world, spending around 

beyond the bottles


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