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Ice Cream

Strawberry Daiquiri Sorbet

This delightful fruit blast recipe begins by using a pound of fresh and juicy strawberries and lemon juice's tartness. Once the Strawberry mixture is blended and churned to perfection, a small amount of rum (just 3 tablespoons) is added. This secret ingredient is what keeps sorbets from freezing rock hard, ensuring that you can enjoy a smooth, velvety texture with every spoonful., which is what keeps sorbets from freezing rock hard. No artificial colors added

Pina Colada Ice Cream

We transformed the Coconut ice cream recipe into a Pina Colada ice cream by blending it with a pineapple sorbet  and our homemade coconut sauce (not Coco Lopez) to the mix and finished it off by incorporating Kaniche rum, which gave it a tropical boost. And yes, the toasted coconut on top was the perfect finishing touch.

Bourbon Candied Walnut

Indulge in the rich and decadent flavors of my Bourbon Candied Walnut Ice Cream! Yes, you read that right - we infuse 1/3 cup of Chestnut Hill Bourbon into this creation. The walnuts are carefully roasted with honey, butter, and brown sugar to create a crunchy, caramelized coating. The layered Candied Walnuts add a delightful texture and depth of flavor. Treat yourself to a sophisticated and satisfying dessert with our Bourbon Candied Walnut Ice Cream!

Madagascar Vanilla Bean

I use organic heavy cream and organic whole milk to make my ice cream. I don't add any flavor additives, and I scrape the vanilla bean to get all of the seeds. I guarantee that this incredible flavor will provide a close-to-outer-body experience!"close to an outer body experience with this incredible flavor!

Salty Caramel Ice Cream w/layered Caramel Sauce

Introducing our Salty Caramel Ice Cream with layered Caramel Sauce *1 quart. Get ready to be blown away by the rich, creamy goodness of this decadent treat. Our homemade caramel sauce is drizzled throughout the ice cream, giving each spoonful an irresistible burst of sweet and salty flavor. Made with organic milk, organic heavy cream, and pure cane sugar, this promises to be one of the best - if not the very best - Caramel Ice Cream you have ever had. Indulge in the smooth texture and luscious caramel swirls that make this ice cream a truly unforgettable dessert experience. Whether you're a caramel connoisseur or just looking to treat yourself to something special, our Salty Caramel Ice Cream will not disappoint.

Chocolate Artisan Ice Cream w/Chocolate Swirl Crunch

Indulge in the rich and decadent taste of my chocolate ice cream with chocolate swirl crunch. Made with only the finest organic ingredients and premium 72% Belgian chocolate, this creamy treat is a truly luxurious experience for your taste buds. Try it today and satisfy your sweet tooth with a dessert that's both wholesome and indulgent.

Chocolate S'mores Artisan Ice Cream

The chocolate ice cream base is crafted using premium ingredients, including 72% Belgian chocolate, Dutch cocoa powder, organic whole milk, and organic heavy cream. Once the base is prepared, I add in my  toasted marshmallows & graham crackers for a delicious twist. Both the marshmallows and graham crackers are made in-house to ensure the highest quality and taste.

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