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Coffee Roasting class

I've just listed my new coffee roasting class for anyone in Reno. Roasting your coffee can save money, but the real purpose is customizing the roast level, flavor, and region or type of bean you use. Buying green beans online is simple, and you don't have to invest in expensive equipment to roast at home. YouTube has many ideas, some crazy and some good.

Below are the green beans before roasting

You can expect to pay about half the price for green beans vs roasted coffee. The secret is temperature, time, and visually keeping track of the color you are looking for.

This is the roaster I use for the coffee roasting class.

The finished product

The final step is to store your roasted coffee in a container to allow the accumulated gas to escape. Wait for about 72 hours before grinding and making your coffee. The cup of coffee below has nothing added to it. what you see is the Crema or the Guinness effect after the brewing process If you are interested in a class go to Until next time Steve



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