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Bordeaux Dream

When we think of Bordeaux, we often don’t think of the city of Bordeaux. We picture wine and sometimes that’s it. The city of Bordeaux is so amazing along with the history, food, location, and yes wine. There are also some difficult things happening in France. The strikes have been a factor in many things for tourism and local life as well. This is a sad example of the two main doors to City Hall in Bordeaux city being damaged two days before we arrived. These doors are dated from the early to mid1800s.
Burning Doors Of City Hall

Now let's talk about how great things were in the Bordeaux region The best time to explore the city is on a cold rainy day. If you have a rain jacket, this is one of the days you should plan to be there. you can see the sights indoors like the Museums or go to the many other places in the city. The next two days of good weather brought out more people than you can imagine. The La Cite du Vin wine museum is a must if you are interested in wine. this interactive museum can take 3 solid hours or more to go through. It is one of the most state-of-the-art museums I have been to. This is an example of the interactive smell display which has over 20 of these areas to be tested on your aroma skills for wine

This experience below has a large dinner table you sit at and it basically comes alive immersing you in the experience

Bordeaux has also become a safe haven for people who work in Paris. which are nuts right? Apparently, it is faster to take the train from Bordeaux to Paris, 2 hours plus than to live in Paris to go to work, this has driven up the cost of apartments, homes flats whatever you want to call them. I did some research on living in the city and compared to Reno NV, Bordeaux was not bad at all.

You can get a 2 bedroom pretty modern for 300,000 euros. Yes, it’s small by comparison to US homes but still affordable. The bakeries are the best I have ever seen (gaining 3 lbs in 2 weeks not too bad?) This guy is making the classic French baguette with the pointy ends as they should be and look how fast he is

This delight is a Brioche with chocolate. I ate by myself

This city has so much to offer. when you come to Bordeaux, spend at least two days in the city so that you get the full experience. this is also a great port to take a Bordeaux River cruise which has many cruise brands available. we did a 7 night which started and ended back in the city

My final thoughts, Don't rent a car unless you have to. the traffic in this city is really bad during the day at least and the public transportation is so good, the tram system will take you to areas around the city or you can get your steps in by walking as we did. We also used Uber for getting around to the wineries and in general when we had a place to go out of the city, they were affordable and quick


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