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Part 2 Egypt Fear Not!

I'm writing these posts not only for you but also for myself. I want to remember and reflect on my experiences when I'm older. I believe sharing my stories can inspire you to visit Egypt and enjoy all its wonders.

Speaking of wonders, the Cairo Museum is truly unique. Despite being old and somewhat outdated, the museum's age makes it special. Built in 1901, it has been home to over 120,000 items, with only a fraction displayed at any time. We visited twice but still felt like we could spend more time there. The displays are mostly in older wooden frames with thinner, older glass, but some have been updated with newer glass displays.

The pictures I took with my iPhone 13max Pro feature thousands of years of artifacts. The desert, sand, and lack of oxygen protect everything. None of the pictures in my blog have been touched up or enhanced. The relics you see are original and not repainted. The middle picture shows a funeral mask that has been damaged over time.

The mummy below is in such excellent condition that you can see his original hair, and believe it or not, he had red hair, which was rare.

Below are some pictures of us visiting a Museum which was outdoors for the most part but had this wonderful statue of Rames the 2nd He is known for having built more monuments than anyone else. This was also possible since he ruled for about 70 years. He was married multiple times, but for me, Nefetari was the most unique (not to be confused with Nefertiti, whose tomb has yet to be discovered)

Below are the photos of Nefetaris Tomb, located in the Valley of the Queens, and one of the sites we had private exclusive visitation. Maybe ten of us were in the tomb all at once, which is very unusual.

Again, the paint in here or colors have not been touched up. This dates back to 3,200 years ago. That is what makes this tomb so unreal and captivating. Discovered in 1904 by Italian Ernesto Schiaparelli Nefertari is in the white robe in some of the pictures. Click on pictures to enlarge.

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