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The Best Tomb in Egypt (Spoiler: It's not King Tuts). The tomb of Nefertari

I believe this one is the most well-preserved and stunning tomb in all of Egypt. To preserve this tomb, it had to be closed off for many years for mold remediation. It is now open again, but only limited visitors are allowed. In some of the tombs in the Valley of the Kings, which were not nearly as impressive, we had to stand in a long line and move very slowly along with the masses. She was born in 1301 BC, the favorite wife of Ramses the Great, and died in 1251 BC at 50 due to an illness. She was not only beautiful but also known to be very wise and diplomatic.

Not a clean picture but it shows the complexity of her tomb.

The following pictures may seem to have been enhanced or repainted, but that is not the case. They are all original and represent some of the best-preserved historical artifacts I have ever seen. The object in question is over 3,273 years old and is in fantastic condition. In the picture below is Nefertari. Looking closely at the arm on the right, you may notice Horus's Eye. This is believed to be the first Egyptian tattoo shown in a tomb.

Besides the lighting in the tomb, this is all original

I want you to look at the ceiling in this picture, this depicts the sky with stars

This shows just a few more of the thousands of detailed and well-preserved hieroglyphics in her tomb; click to enlarge pictures

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