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We did a 10 hour Wine class

During our stay at Chateau Pape Clement, we signed up for a day-and-a-half wine class, called "Perfecting your skills" We learned about the over 7 century history of Chateau Pape Clement. Below you can see that we had a busy first day. There were only 4 of us total for the class

A total of 33 wines from wineries all over the world including Japan, all of which are owned by Bernard-Magrez. The intensity of this class and the amount of information was absolutely the best 10-hour class I have ever taken. We toured the facilities, vineyards, Winery, Barrel rooms, and more...

By the end of day two, we were all happy

Below are just a few of the wines we tasted over 2 days and were later tested on. I also want to mention that the two bottles in the second video have a black velvet cloth over them which I will tell you about next.

The first two wines were presented in black wine glasses so you could not see the color and the bottles were completely covered. The crazy thing, these two wines could have been any 2 out of the 33 wines we had in two days. After we were given plenty of time to taste and take notes, it was my wife who identified both wines as well as the region they were from. And I am the one in the wine business...

At the end of the class, we were honored to taste this wine. Look at the amazing color of this 30-year old wine!


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